Monday, November 2, 2009


Autumn seems to have arrived, albeit tentatively; there are still peaks of high-twenties temperatures in the afternoons that leave you sweating for a few hours, but mornings and afternoons are cool enough to wear long sleeves.

I gave in and did some fall shopping on the weekend. I really had to reign myself in, and settled on three sweaters, only one of which was admittedly grossly indulgent at seventy Lira! But I just couldn't resist its warm rusty red scratchy wool and its oversized cowl-neck. (Considering my closet is full of sweaters, though, the whole expedition was indulgent. But everything's relevant, right?)

I realized earlier today that it's been six months of summer! It's almost like eating a whole box of chocolates and then wishing you'd stopped after one. Or two.

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