Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hiatus and Rethinking this Blog

The ban on Blogger in Turkey ended ages ago, and I haven't written anything since ... So it's confession time: the ban conveniently started at a time when I was feeling decidedly uninspired to write. But then the ban was lifted and I didn't do anything about my little crisis.

But now, in a spurt of energy as I try to cross off every last item on my to-do list before Baby #2 arrives, I'll put the crux of my dilemma out there: I am uncertain about the direction of my blog. I'd like to continue it, but am dissatisfied with where it could go. Too many others are doing travel blogs or personal/mommy blogs; I am no longer enough of a 'foreigner' here that every little thing seems unique and exotic; yet I am hardly expert enough on life in Istanbul as an expat as to pretend to be The Voice of expats in Istanbul.

So until I decide what I want to write about, I'm taking a hiatus.