Monday, June 14, 2010

An Ocean Apart - An Update

It's day four of my project with Lisa, which we've (tentatively?) entitled "An Ocean Apart." Here are our pictures from day 2:

Me: "It sometimes seems I do nothing more all day than create messes and then clean them up, over and over again. But I enjoy doing the dishes, and get satisfaction from seeing order restored."

Lisa: "Audrey walking along the benches in the park. Her balance has improved over the year, and she no longer hesitates along the way."

And day 3:

Me: "An impromptu breakfast eaten standing up at the kitchen counter, prepared by my husband."

Lisa: "Driving back from the airport along the Gardiner Expressway on a gloomy grey morning."

1 comment:

  1. Breakfast looks yummy, Cecile.
    Hubby did a great job!
    Lorraine aka Lisa's Mom aka your "old" Brownie leader :)