Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A few faithful readers have gently reminded me that I haven't written for a while; since July 7th, to be exact (thank you, Lorraine!). So here's a quick and haphazard list of what I've been up to with some thoughts interspersed.
  • We moved house. It literally took weeks to pack. Movers came and took away 34 boxes; 6hurç, or fabric bag-boxes, 3 suitcases, and my cauldron, full of stuff. It's all in storage now and will be delivered to our new place in Istanbul mid-August. Tons more is at my mother-in-law's in Adana.
  • We flew to Toronto, where we are now. It was a long journey; Adana-Istanbul-Paris-Toronto. Knowing there's a direct Istanbul-Toronto flight made it all the more painful. Eventful only because it was Baby's first flight.
  • In Toronto, I haven't called anyone; I haven't made dates to see anyone; I've just been enjoying being here. We wake up in the morning and decide what to do that day. We've been taking lots of walks out here in the Beaches.
  • Am enjoying all the fresh Ontario produce that's in season. Makes me think about how lucky we are in Tarsus with all the farmer's markets and local produce year round.
  • My lovely friend Lisa, who's now officially the family photographer, did another photo shoot of us. She's way ahead of me and has already posted about the shoot; you can see some of the photos here.
  • We spent the day at Ward's Island yesterday. If we ever move back to Toronto, where will I want to live? The Beaches? The Island? Every part of Toronto has its own charm!


  1. Haven't you even seen your mother? I've been imagining the two of you together, mothering and grandmothering your darling wee boy. I sent her an e-mail full of enthusiasms. Oops, hope I didn't upsest her.
    I had a wonderful time with her. Even helped her with two of the songs she was writing. Where I come from, everybody's an editor, a proofreader or a critic. I hope you have a wonderful visit in Canada.
    -- your mom's freind, Kay

  2. oh no, a typo -- a transposition, actually -- the i should have come before the e in friend, obviously -- my fingers don't do the job they used to