Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Bleak Istanbul Maternity Wear Market

Considering how many stores sell lovely baby clothes and hip accessories here in Istanbul, I was sure finding maternity wear would be easier here than it had been in Adana.

Alas, pregnant with baby number two in winter, as opposed to number one in summer, I need clothes but have found just one store even worth mentioning, and it still leaves much to be desired. Bellamom in Istanbul's Istinye Park shopping center is worth a visit if you need maternity jeans or slacks, but the selection is small and the fabrics in most cases synthetic. And if you're petite like me, chances are you won't find anything in your size.

During my inquiries I learned of many stores that used to carry maternity clothes or have closed down completely, again surprising me; Istanbul women love fashion, and surely that doesn't stop when they become pregnant?!

Are all the fashionable Istanbullus shopping abroad for their maternity wear? Or are they going the non-maternity maternity clothing route? Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Hi, I know you posted this few months ago...but I am going through the same situation now...I am so frustraited that there are no good shops in Istanbul for pregnant women. As I was trying to find some postings on this and get an advise, I came accross your blog....have you found anything good meanwhile. Thanks, Marija

    1. Hi!!! Try it!!!

  2. Hi Marija,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    In addition to getting a few staples at Bellamom (mentioned above), I went to my local "Sosyete Pazari" and bought several non-maternity dresses and tops which were either empire-waisted or long and loose for 5TL each. You have to sort through messy piles on tables, but it's worth it!
    I also needed clothes for work, though, and a friend came to the rescue -- she'd bought an entire maternity wardrobe from H&M in Germany and lent it to me. It's too bad H&M in Turkey doesn't carry their maternity clothes; they were lovely.
    Finally, I heard that one of the Mother Care locations in Istanbul, though I'm not sure which one, has started carrying maternity clothes. I also heard that C&A has maternity clothes (there's one at Istinye Park), though by the time I heard that, I was all sorted and didn't want to do any more shopping, so this is hearsay only.
    Either our difficulties are indicative of a whole in the market and we should open a maternity store, or else it's a sign that there just simply isn't a market to sustain such specialty stores. Sigh. Good luck, and I'd love to hear what you find!

  3. Hi,
    I am hoping to get out of Pakistan in November for a short break to Istanbul and, a part of tourism, I am in desperate need of maternity clothes but your posting make me think....should I go to Dubai instead? Is there anything new I can find in Istanbul?



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