Friday, September 10, 2010

Big City Girl Turned Small Town Girl?

Although I'm loving Istanbul, must admit to several 'rural migrant' behaviours and attitudes, most of which revolve around food:
  • I've had my husband bring back huge amounts of pul biber, homemade salça and tomato conserve from his visits to Adana;
  • I jealously hoard the homemade jams and wild honeys my in-laws send;
  • I've taken to complaining that the coffee isn't as fresh here and speaking fondly of the way I used to be able to do x, get y, and go to z back in Tarsus;
  • I timed a trip back to Adana to coincide with a monthly trip to the kuaför and put off finding a new one here for a few more weeks;
  • I am repeatedly surprised by the gruffness of the local Istanbullu.
Could four years away from Toronto in the middle of Turkey have turned me into a small town girl?

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