Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big City Girl

Istanbul Birds in Flight (Color)Image by Oberazzi via FlickrIf I have to choose between being a city girl or a country girl, I'm afraid I have to choose the former. Yes, I miss Tarsus and its friendly neighbourhood vendors, inexpensive fresh produce and spices, and its simplicity. But in the month since we've moved to Istanbul, I've already been enjoying several aspects of cosmopolitan life that I just don't want to give up again -- at least not until I retire!
  • Sweet potatoes. Yes, they cost 12TL per kilogram; but I can now buy them if I want to!
  • Mommy groups -- they exist! Haven't found one of my own yet, but in the meantime am enjoying ...
  • ... the company of the dozen or so other foreign mothers married to Turkish men I've already met.
  • Other English speaking children for Baby to socialize with and connect him to his non-Turkish side.
  • Organizations such as Professional American Women of Istanbul (PAWI); I won't even go into why this is wonderful! (I know I'm not American, but they welcome Canadians too.)
  • Resources for expats, such as Professor Anna Lia Proietti’s seminar on raising bilingual children I'll be attending next month.
  • Real pedicures.
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